The Science of Existence (11-1) The Standard Model (ΛCDM) continued


Cosmologists are often wrong, but never in doubt. ~ Azerbaijanian physicist Lev Landau

Though ΛCDM is widely accepted, the model is clearly invalid. Its failure came from built-in assumptions that astronomers relied upon to interpret their spotty data. From these unexamined axioms sprang dark matter, dark energy, and missing light matter.

The universe is nearly flat as a sheet. For that to be true, there must be a critical level of mass/energy density which has not been explained. The seemingly stable universe is an inscrutable fact. Despite all the stargazing and hypothesizing, we know little about cosmic construction.

Scale-invariant cosmology is just one example of the maxim that strangeness in science owes to having the wrong worldview. With the right model, a rough sketch of existence may be made. That Nature is so intricate that it defies comprehension is simply an endorsement for awe.

Nature is not embarrassed by difficulties of analysis. ~ French engineer and physicist Augustin Fresnel