The Science of Existence (144) Conclusion


Two dangers threaten the universe: order and disorder. ~ French philosopher Paul Valéry

This universe is one of many in an eternal cycle of cosmic creation. As the natural sciences show, its fabric is ordained.


Physics begets chemistry. Chemistry defines biology. Biology circumscribes life. By this cascade of energy to animate matter, all that manifests is intertwined.

As energy encompasses existence, physics focuses on characterizing energy. Following constructal law, one modus operandus of energy is economy. Matter is a slow-motion product of energetic relations.

Nothing happens until something moves. ~ Albert Einstein

That matter is made of energy is indisputable. Energy is nothing more than an abstraction which may be measured by its effect on matter – a tidy circularity. Energy is the cogent immateriality by which the fabric of materiality is woven.

Physics has proven that Nature is a façade for a noumenal reality. From there are the strange mechanics which generate existence.

Attempting to understand the roots of phenomena has demonstrated that our 3-dimensional (3d) vista provides only a partial picture. All facets of modern physics expose a universe with extra dimensions (ed) beyond spatial 3d.

Nonlocality is a fundamental facet of actuality. Subatomic particles are often entangled, responsively changing synchronously. This too indicates a holistic dimensionality (hd) beyond the experiential 4d of spacetime. It also shows something even more fundamental about Nature as a ruse.

Nature functions by integration. ~ François Jacob

Entanglement demonstrates that spacetime itself is an emergent property: an outcome of interconnected interactivity at every level of existence. Phenomena appear via bottom-up, moment-by-moment fabrication into a tight weave of manifestation.

The long-sought unified theory of physics – from the quantum to the cosmological scale – can only evolve from the realization that everything is entangled. The geometry of spacetime, and all the energy that flows through it, are defined by this web.

Physics has already progressed to the point of realizing that its formulas yield only approximations. The elemental remains empirically elusive because it lies beyond phenomena.

Ultimately, science is an interpretive exercise of observed events. Intuition is as essential as mathematics to propelling physics forward.

Try and penetrate with our limited means the secrets of Nature and you will find that, behind all the discernible concatenations, there remains something subtle, intangible and inexplicable. ~ Albert Einstein

Self-organization from non-equilibrium driving forces has been observed at both the molecular and cosmological levels. Coherence is the only possible explanation for the order in Nature – the natural, fundamental force from which phenomena arise. This is most poignantly true of life, which, in its statistical impossibility, clearly lies beyond random chance.