The Science of Existence (30-2) Conservation Contravened

 Conservation Contravened

The universe does not violate the conservation of energy; rather it lies outside that law’s jurisdiction. ~ Australian astrophysicist Tamara Davis

Classical thermodynamics adhered to an assumption still widely held: that the universe is a closed system. That is, the cosmos is presumed isolated and self-contained, with all the energy in evidence (theoretically).

All thermodynamics laws rely upon a closed system, but none so much as the 1st: that the quantity of energy is unchangeable.

The phenomena of light shows that no vibrations go outside of three-dimensional space, even in the luminous aether. If there is another universe, or a greater number of universes, outside of our own, we can only say that we have no evidence of their exerting any action upon our own. ~ Canadian astronomer and mathematician Simon Newcomb in 1894

What modern physics has learned is that vast amounts of energy are continuously interchanged between the observable 4 dimensions (4d) and extra spatial dimensions (ed). This has been shown at both the quantum and cosmological scales.

There is a constant flux of so-called virtual particles about every 4d subatomic particle. Virtual particles are extremely short-lived energetic quanta that pop in and out of 4d; subatomic popcorn out of empty space that is quickly consumed by a vacuum void. These ed quanta shape the basic properties of 4d particles, including mass.

The 4d energy drained by the singularity sink of a black hole leaks into ed, rendering a net energy loss 4d.

To extend the conservation of energy law to a higher dimensionality (hd) – to include ed – assumes that energy ed behaves the same as it does 4d; an assumption with no evidentiary basis (nor can there be).

Virtual particles and black holes show that 4d and ed are intertwined energy gyres. We can never find out about the confines of holistic dimensionality (hd). While we may experience ed effects in 4d, the contours of existence are beyond our ken.

This universe may be a gyre with others. Our cosmos may be one in a community. However far-fetched that seems, it is entirely consistent with the interconnections that ubiquitously exist within this universe, and so is only an extension of a known paradigm. It is also coincident with some modern cosmology and physics models.