The Science of Existence (45-1-1) Stringy Liquids

 Stringy Liquids

String theory has been derided by partisans for its lack of track record.

String theory cannot give any definite explanations of existing knowledge of the real world and cannot make any definite predictions. ~ American theoretical physicist Daniel Friedan

One experiment tried to simulate the trillion-Kelvin conditions just after the supposed birth of the universe, by smashing gold ions together at 99.99% of the speed of light. Instead of the expected gaseous plasma, a hot quark soup with liquid-like behavior was produced.

Another experiment confined lithium atoms and cooled them to as cold as practically possible: within 1 x 10–8 K, barely above absolute zero. The behavior was also liquid-like.

Both these liquids at opposite extremes exhibited collective behavior: flowing with the lowest possible viscosity. String theory successfully modeled these phenomena as strongly coupled particles linked by ripples traveling extra- dimensionally. In contrast, the Standard Model cannot account for these stringy liquids.

A new truth always has to contend with many difficulties. If it were not so, it would have been discovered much sooner. ~ Max Planck