The Science of Existence (49) Matryoshka Transition

Matryoshka Transition

That Nature imposes an intricate order is obvious. How it does so is the quest of science. Much mystery remains.

Existence incessantly emerges from the quantum realm to the everyday, where classical physics applies, through 2 mechanisms: decoherence and perception.

The type of measurement determines whether a phenomenon will appear as quantum or classical. Quantum effects may be inferred using equipment. To the naked eye, such small-scale specificity is beyond observation. (Humans cannot consciously perceive quantum phenomena. Whether other life can is perhaps unknowable.) Hence, the world always appears classical.

Existence at the quantum scale is always coherently entangled: waves of possibilities (superpositions) which emerge at every instant via decoherence: environmental interactions that are thermodynamically irreversible. The emergence of observable phenomena requires localization and quantization, which appears as an absence of entanglement. Decoherence generates diversity.