The Science of Existence (67-7) HD Harmonically Bound

HD Harmonically Bound

Bonding can also occur by the non-conservative forces responsible for interaction-induced coherent population trapping. The bound state arises in a dissipative process and manifests itself as a stationary state at a preordained interatomic distance. Remarkably, such a dissipative bonding is present even when the interactions among the atoms are purely repulsive. ~ Russian physicist Mikhail Lemeshko & German quantum physicist Hendrik Weimer

A bond between atoms typically forms when it is energetically more favorable for atoms to stick together than stay apart. This requires an attractive force.

Even energetic repulsion between atoms can be overcome by local hd harmonic fluctuations of the ground state, which generate a quantum interference that nullifies repulsion, trapping atoms into union at a distance which sets the bond length.

The nature of an hd harmonic bond is strikingly different than ordinary chemical bonds, most notably in being remarkably robust. Even applying a constant amount of energy may not break a harmonic bond.