The Science of Existence (71-2) Properties


Water shows exceptional properties, different from all other liquids. ~ Austrian chemist Katrin Amann-Winkel et al

Pure water is an odorless, tasteless liquid, with a bluish tint observable only at a deep volume. Water is transparent in the visible spectrum, but strongly absorbs both infrared and ultraviolet light.

Water is so commonplace that it is regarded as a typical liquid. Water is anything but.

Water is one of lightest gases. Liquid water is much denser than expectable. Water’s solid phase – ice – is surprisingly featherweight in light of its liquid form.

Water can be extremely slippery and exceedingly sticky simultaneously. This slippery/sticky behavior is how the feel of water is sussed. There is no direct sensation of moisture.

Every body of water, from droplets on to more voluminous realms, is an intricate viscoelastic system, with an underlying extended structure governed by quantum forces; whence water’s enduring mystery.

Although water is one of the simplest molecules, it is in reality a very complex liquid displaying more than 64 counterintuitive anomalies, most of which have not been adequately explained. ~ Italian physicist Francesco Mallamace et al