The Science of Existence (91) Cytoplasm


Within the membrane, a gel-like cytoplasm holds a cell’s internals. The viscous liquid – cytosol – distributes needed substances throughout the cell. Proteins within cytosol intelligently manage the necessary processes.

Cytosol is 80% water. It is usually clear.

Most cellular activities happen within the cytoplasm. The flow of calcium ions in and out of the cytoplasm is how metabolic processes are signaled.

Calcium is a key to regulate many fundamental processes in cells. ~ Indian biochemist Muniswamy Madesh

Owing to its easy reactivity, calcium is a key bioelement. Calcium charges are essential to powering mitochondrial processing. Heartbeats happen as heart cells synchronously work calcium channels. The physiological correlate to thought processes within the glial cells of the human brain transpire via waves of calcium ions.