The Web of Life (22-2-3) Jellyfish


There’s still a lot we don’t know. ~ Australian marine biologist Julie McInnes in 2018

The marine food web is little understood. Biologists long ignored the abundant jellyfish, as the gelatinous animals are 95% water and provide scant calories.

Jellyfish are ubiquitous in the world’s oceans and can occur in very high densities. Yet they have long been considered trophic dead ends that are ignored by most predators because of their low nutritional content. ~ Australian marine biologist Graeme Hays

Many sea creatures, from tuna to turtles to penguins, seek jellyfish to eat.

The more we look, the more animals are feeding on jellyfish. They’re absolutely, really important. ~ Irish marine biologist Thomas Doyle

There’s a lot more to jellyfish than jelly. Our perception has switched hugely. It’s almost a reboot of jellyfish ecology as a central part of the ocean system. ~ Irish marine biologist Jonathan Houghton in 2018