The Web of Life (7-1-1) Calcium Ion Channels

 Calcium Ion Channels

Calcium ion (Ca2+) waves are a ubiquitous intracellular message medium that regulates diverse cellular activities. Besides intracellular signaling, extracellular environmental information is translated from calcium waves. The physiological correlate of cognition transpires via calcium waves traversing glia cells in the brains of animals and among plant cells. Certain proteins modulate the waves which other proteins receive and interpret.

Calcium wave communication is like music in that the intensity and frequency of waves – the distinct pattern – determines the message.

It’s like in an orchestra, where studying an isolated note on its own allows no inference of the melody. You have to hear how the frequency and volume of all instruments vary and produce the melody. Then you gain an impression of the musical piece.

At first sight, there is no simple pattern to the ion impulses. Yet they still culminate in a meaningful response inside the cell. The pattern is the actual signal that leads to a response in the cells. ~ Luxembourger biologist Alexander Skupin