The Elements of Evolution (33-3-2) Progress continued


Many people evaluate nonhuman organisms according to human anatomy and physiology, and mistakenly conclude that humans are the ultimate product, even goal, of evolution. ~ Michael Dougherty

There is no rational reason to consider humans superior to other species. The metric of intelligence is adapting to the environment in a sustainable fashion. On this count, humanity fails miserably. By this criterion, bacteria make humans seem like germs.

(Counter-factual thinking is essential to problem-solving. This aspect of abstraction is common to all life. Conversely, the ability to create paracosms – a facility highly developed in the human mind – is maladaptive, as an indulged imagination facilely divorces perception from actuality. Creativity – conventionally prized as a hallmark of intelligence – is a bane to acumen if not held in check. Self-control is as much an aspect of intelligence as problem-solving.)