The Ecology of Humans – Human Biology Synopsis

Human Biology Synopsis


“The microbiome is a complex and dynamic ecosystem in which species are in continual flux.” ~ Kevin FosterĀ et al

▫ You are a walking microbial colony. At least half of the cells in a human body are bacteria. No one knows how many viruses reside in a healthy person.

▫ Microbe transfer from mother to child is significant in future health prospects. This is an aspect of epigenetic inheritance.

▫ The immune system is vital to keeping a human alive. That vitality is maintained by continuous interaction among host cells and commensal microbes. A poorly microbiome begets ill health.

The Immune System

▫ The vertebrate immune system comprises a cognitive network that evolved into specialized recognition of pathogens, with remembrance of past encounters.

▫ Immunity is an intricate team effort among many different host cells, which in turn are reliant upon commensal microbiota. Without the proper set of signals in the right sequence, and the needed ingredients in the right numbers, the immune system does not work.