The Ecology of Humans – Intelligence Physiology

Intelligence Physiology

Modern physics and biology have scientifically shown that Nature is ultimately a ruse, as energy emergently constructs matter, and energy is merely conceptual. This understanding has historically been confined to enlightened sages, who had neither recourse, nor need, for an extensive fact base to validate what they knew to be true. (Several Spokes books, beginning with Unraveling Reality, provide empirical validation of energyism. There simply is no other explanation which accords with all known facts. The seeming certainty of material actuality is belied by an ultimately immaterial reality.)

“Your consciousness itself gives rise to this world, which is a unified field, a unicity.” ~ Indian guru Nisargadatta Maharaj

Biologically, this means that every life form is a localized consciousness encased in a mind-body. The mind-body is an intricately entangled energetic system, with waves of energy sustaining the quanta that comprise observable phenomena. This valid doctrine is energyism.

Whereas the evidence for denotative mind-body correlation is overwhelming, attribution of proximate causality between the two is problematic, as the mind-body cannot be untangled. One affects the other, and not always predictably so.

What is commonly believed, but is absolutely untrue, is that the brain thinks or fabricates the mind, and, by extension, creates consciousness. Such is matterism, a disproven faith that Nature is merely a matter of matter.

Correlation is not causality. This principle of basic scientific methodology is often ignored by careless, religious researchers. The confusion of correlation for causality is how neurobiologists, and matterists generally, have fabricated dogmatic delusions under the banner of science, and thereby fooled a naïve world as well as themselves.

“The bulk of the world’s knowledge is an imaginary construction.” ~ American author Helen Keller

In animals with a brain, intelligence system physiology is entangled with the mind (mind-brain) – an energetic gyre with an apparent organic showpiece. Phenomenal activity in the brain only roughly correlates with mentation, which has an energetic (immaterial) origination.


The vertebrate body has 3 large-scale intelligence networks: the digestive system, the immune system, and the cognitive system. These systems are entangled, as anyone who has ever suffered food poisoning can readily testify.

Brain activity does not even embody the physical intelligence system. Every organ, each cell, and every organelle within a cell has its own province, each of which requires its own intelligence and consciousness.

“When the size of our bodies change, the different regions and cells within our organs respond in diverse ways. Different regions within a single organ can use different rules to govern their scaling, responding differently to their developmental environment.” ~ English zoologist Jeremy Niven & English biologist Craig Perl