The Ecology of Humans (24) Extra-dimensional Communication

Extra-dimensional Communication

The senses extend beyond those that can be accounted for by physiological organs. This is a natural aspect of energetic existence.

The Feeling of Being Watched

The most common demonstration of extra-dimensional communication is the sense of being stared at. Most adults – 75% of Americans, and 97% of Europeans – have experienced the sense of being looked at from behind, then turning around and finding it so.

Some pet owners claim that they can wake their sleeping cat or dog by staring at them. Numerous hunters and wildlife photographers get the sense that animals detect their gaze from afar even when they are well hidden. Conversely, some report having felt that they were watched by wild animals.

The evil eye is a cultural ubiquity: mentioned in the Bible as well as many other ancient texts.

The influence of an evil eye is a fact. ~ Arab Islamic prophet Muhammad


Innumerable anecdotes exist of preternatural communications, including prescience. Though they abound, such stories are typically discounted as cold reading, collaborative fiction, or, at the least, faulty memory. Tales of telepathy are typically dismissed as coincidence at best.

Cold reading comprises gleaning information about a person through nuances in behavior and appearance. These techniques are commonly used by fraudulent mentalists, psychics, fortune-tellers, and mediums to ply their respective paranormal trade.