The Ecology of Humans (59-2) Dietary Protein


The world in 2019 had 7.7 billion people. There are somewhere between a 1,000-trillion and 10,000-trillion ants, most species of which are edible and an ample source of protein. But then, sufficient protein is easily had with a healthy vegetarian diet. Potatoes are a well-balanced food in terms of carbohydrates and proteins (a little-known fact except perhaps to the Irish).

Humans vastly consume too much protein, mostly by eating other animals. The number of animals killed for food in 2009, 1 year alone, worldwide: 52 billion chickens; 2.6 billion ducks; 1.3 billion pigs; 1.1 billion rabbits; 633 million turkeys; 518 million sheep; 398 million goats; 293 million cows; 24 million water buffalo; and 1.7 million camels. That is a tremendous slaughter for unhealthy diets, and a considerable tax on land and water resources.