The Ecology of Humans (62) Health Care

Health Care

Cells have their own minds and memories of what they are supposed to do as well as what is going on in the neighborhood. The brain may seem the central control room, but most autonomic functions occur with little or no directed brain activity.

The establishment and remembrance of bodily functioning is localized, just as mental operations are nominally localized. The information of events is relayed through energy pathways flowing throughout the body, only partly via the nervous system. The information flow involves cells of all types, all of whom work symbiotically.

Thus, blockage of information flow is itself a health problem. Acupuncture can heal some problems by manipulating the body’s energy pathways. It provides pain relief by locally blocking communication. Otherwise, acupuncture works to clear energy stops.

Massage also alters energy pathways by muscle stimulation, particularly in clearing blockages. These blockages are essentially bad muscle memories.

Muscles collect memories. The happiest ones come from exercise.