The Ecology of Humans – Diet Synopsis

Dietary Philosophy & Practice Synopsis

“The vegetarian manner of living by its purely physical effect on the human temperament would most beneficially influence humankind.” ~ German physicist Albert Einstein

▫ The human body and mind need regular and vigorous exercise. The digestive tract does not.

▫ An individual’s gut microbiome is a lifestyle choice. A vegan diet creates a life-affirming enterotype: a gut ecosystem that favors health and reinforces it, as the microbes there play an active role in influencing host behavior that preserves the enterotype. Conversely, a diet rich in refined sugar, dairy, fried foods, and meat engenders a decadent microbiotic ecosystem which weakens health. Knowing this adds a new dimension to the concept of gut instinct.

▫ Adequate sleep is essential to health and happiness. This need is commonly underappreciated by many in modern societies – another bit of evidence that the institutions of industrialization are detrimental to health.

▫ Meditation as a regular practice is a health boon for the mind-body. Living in meditation is enlightenment.

▫ From our first awareness to our last breath, we are explorers seeking existential entertainment. Our instrument for enjoyment is the mind-body. When its vitality is dimmed, so too is our life.