The Echoes of the Mind (128-1) Voting Tough

 Voting Tough

Voters often prefer tough guys over those with experience and competence, as illustrated by the elections of former professional wrestler Jesse Ventura to governor of Minnesota and Austrian-born bodybuilder and movie actor Arnold Schwarzenegger as California “Governator” (in reference to his cyborg role in The Terminator movies).

An impressive example of this in American politics was the pseudo-election of George W. Bush in 2000 as President; especially as he was running against the more experienced Vice President Al Gore, who was also taller and physically more powerful, and who clearly demonstrated superior acumen in the televised debates during the campaign.

The US economy had performed remarkably well under the Clinton administration, with Gore an active participant (unlike a lot of vice presidents historically); hence, scant reason to switch horses. But Bush ran a campaign of macho bluster, while Gore, in stark contrast, appeared cerebral.

The most astonishing example of voting for tough over competent, or even sane, came in the 2016 pseudo-election of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. (Both Bush and Trump came to power only owing to corrupt American electoral practices. See Spokes 7: The Pathos of Politics.) Like Gore, Clinton was as experienced and competent as a candidate could be.

I play to people’s fantasies. ~ Donald Trump

Trump, on the other hand, was nothing but bravado and lies; yet just enough voters were taken in by Trump’s macho bluster.

I’m also honored to have the greatest temperament that anybody has. ~ Donald Trump