The Echoes of the Mind (140-3) Superiority


Human females are – in every major way except physical strength – the superior sex. (This is, of course, a statistical generality, as are the conclusory statements that follow it. Specifically, every individual is unique.) The average edge is modest but telling, particularly in light of how societies function from a gender standpoint.

Women are better navigators through the streams of sociality than men. Females are more observant, perceptive, empathic, and civil. They are also more intelligent academically.

Shown short films of a man and a woman communicating with the sound off, women were able to suss the situation 87% of the time, while males managed a mere 42% accuracy.

In communicating, women focus on achieving rapport and avoiding social isolation. Conversely, men aim to achieve social status and avoid failure. Women communicate to build relationships; men to build themselves up.

Women are more comfortable talking about emotions than men: this affords both an outlet and the means for social bonding. Pent-up negative emotions tend to trigger aggression. The priming of male upbringing – that emotions are to be held at bay – contributes to the violence so common of that sex. Social tolerance of male aggression means that predispositions go largely uncurbed. The public consternation that accompanies incidents of extreme violence is an utter failure to connect cause and effect given the cultural leniency which is common in societies throughout history.

Cooperation enabled all the achievements that embody the ethical aspects of civilization. With men in charge, these have been hard-won. The comity which comes naturally to women represents a compromise to men, who easily use others: most sanguinely with those of coincident interest; otherwise, more profitably for the man in charge.

Women employ communication to involve others and reach consensus. In contrast, men like to get to the bottom line based upon what they themselves decided.

Social progress can be measured by the social position of the female sex. ~ Karl Marx