The Echoes of the Mind (159-1) The US Invasion of Afghanistan

 The US Invasion of Afghanistan

A similar experience to Vietnam, albeit more nuanced, was the American invasion of Afghanistan in the 1st decade of the 21st century. Did American political leaders think they would root out the Muslims who held animosity to the United States? Were they going to conquer the country, then sue for peace?

As repeated experience had already shown, America has no stomach for the so-called “nation building” that it touts, so any such pretense could only indicate deep self-denial at the highest levels of government.

In the instance of Afghanistan, a people long inured to tribal corruption were not swayed to change their ways just because ballot boxes appear in public places. Or, at least, tribal leaders were not, and they were ultimately the only votes that counted.

There appeared little consideration of the dynamic that invasion would stir. But then, the American political elite were never avid students of history, nor soiled by decency beyond posturing.

That the Soviet Union failed in a similar endeavor a very few decades earlier (with better geopolitical rationale) illustrates the inane hubris that typifies American foreign policy: a cultural characteristic since the early days of the republic.

America waging war on Afghanistan was revenge for 9/11; a 2nd act to the contrived Iraq invasion, which at least held the chimeric hope for cheaper oil by the American administration, as US oil companies awaited vampirishly to feed on Iraq’s oil supply.

In the finale, Pakistan was harboring Saudi Arabian terrorist Osama bin Laden, the mastermind behind the spectacle of flying airplanes into US skyscrapers. bin Laden and family members were summarily executed by the American soldiers as they discovered them, defenseless, in their suburban home. The US government lied in telling the world that bin Laden had been armed and firing at them.

This wasn’t an execution. ~ US government official on the execution of Osama bin Laden

Pakistan, as full of wild-eyed anti-American Islamists as Afghanistan, was ostensibly an ally. That, and it having nuclear weapons spared Pakistan the insult of invasion by the Wild West nation. But then, the US could ill-afford a 3rd act of aggressive folly, if for no other reason than voters had tired of such expensive shenanigans. Into 2019 American political leaders continued to squander resources on military folly in Muslim lands, lacking even an objective.

Politics is war without bloodshed while war is politics with bloodshed. ~ Chinese revolutionary Mao Zedong