The Echoes of the Mind (164-4) Morality continued


The evolutionary heritage of morality is ancient. Moral judgments are instantaneous and keenly felt when offended. But our species descended with sufficient self-control to override our instincts.

Given the facile ease in discarding morals, it is peculiar that people define themselves, and others, in ethical terms. This is the continuing dissonance between innate biology and the social systems which have outrun it.

The biological sense of morality is inadequate to deal with the complex social transactions that characterize commerce. Throughout history, humans have failed to buttress ethics to ensure fairness as a cultural imperative. This deficiency has formed the corrupt foundation upon which all civilizations have been built.

The prevalence of rule violations in a society, such as tax evasion and fraudulent politics, is detrimental to individuals’ intrinsic honesty. ~ Dutch social psychologist Shaul Shalvi