The Echoes of the Mind (165-1) Celebrity


The brightest stars don’t necessarily give the most light. ~ Marty Rubin

Celebrity is a long-standing, universal cultural phenomenon. Athletes in ancient Greece were celebrities, as were actors and gladiators in ancient Rome.

Those who endure with celebrity status are those that stay within public notice, and to whom the Collective continue to hold as admirable in some way. In modern societies, entertainers are enduring celebrities, precisely because their performances educe emotions in their appreciative audiences. Some celebrities remain popular despite character traits or personal habits that their admirers would find reprehensible. It is the emotions evoked that are of value; the conjurer is more an idol than real person in the minds of fans.

The image is one thing and the human being is another.  ~ American singer Elvis Presley

Celebrity illustrates the value that the Collective place on emotive evocation and abstractions related to objects.

Culture always tells you to look to illusions for answers. ~ English writer Guy Mankowski