The Echoes of the Mind (168) Violence


Aggression does not occur in a social vacuum. ~ American psychologists Robert Baron & Deborah Richardson

Violence is part and parcel of the human condition. Rule of law merely allocates permits for violence to various parties, attempting to reserve for the state, out of self-interest, an effectively unrestrained faculty.

Social justice cannot be attained by violence. Violence kills what it intends to create. ~ Pope John Paul II

The Collective selectively believe in violence having a positive value. Unnecessary competition in all segments of life is accepted as natural.

Violence, even well-intentioned, always rebounds upon oneself. ~ Chinese scholar and philosopher Lao Tzu

Social inequality and environmental destruction are the invariable consequences of the economic violence which is the rent imposed by the market system. Though celebrated by its proponents, capitalism is inherently, and invariably, a societally divisive regime that generates depravation and crime.