The Echoes of the Mind (172-3) Gender


Gender is an impersonation. Becoming gendered involves impersonating an ideal that nobody actually inhabits. ~ American philosopher Judith Butler

▫ A long-running debate in social psychology has been whether Nature or nurture is determinant in defining gender roles, particularly the patriarchy that predominates most societies. The answer is both. Slight innate differences are amplified during upbringing, creating gender roles calcified by culture.

▫ Female preference for high-status mates and male attempts to appropriate economic and political resources are constants of the human experience. Patriarchy is partly as an outcome of human mating strategies.

▫ Patriarchy is the wellspring for female submission and tolerance of sexual violence, which continues to be ubiquitous.

People with more sexually conservative values, although they claim to act accordingly, are more sexually deviant in practice than their more sexually liberal peers. ~ American psychologist Kodi Arfer & American sociologist Jason Jones