The Echoes of the Mind (172) Sociality Synopsis


Much of our socialization is intended to turn us into conforming members of society. ~ James Henslin

▫ Human sociality is an evolutionary adaptation. Inborn inclinations often become cultural mores which have nothing to do with efficient organization or the survival viability of generations to come.

Cynicism and tribalism are among the gravest human temptations. They are all the more dangerous when they pose as wisdom and righteousness. ~ American historian Molly Worthen

▫ Fairness is an innate trait which develops in early childhood. Sense of fairness guides morality and appraisal of others. Alas, a decent sense of morality is often warped through socialization.

As an intensely social species, other people are the most important part of our environment. ~ Alison Gopnik

▫ The mental constructs by which people define themselves and their outlook on the world are not just their own doing. Beliefs, worldviews, and identities are products of socialization.

Through our interaction with others we construct reality. ~ James Henslin

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Man is the cruelest animal. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

▫ Like many other mammals, males are more prone to overt aggression and physical violence. Aggression incli-nations by sex are furthered during childhood socializa-tion, as encapsulated in the timeworn phrase “boys will be boys.”

Civilized life depends upon the success of reason in social intercourse, the prevalence of logic over violence in inter-personal conflict. ~ sociologist Juliana Geran Pilon