The Echoes of the Mind (23) Emotion Synopsis


Emotion has the capacity to transform us profoundly. In different affective states, it is almost as if we are different people. ~ American economist George Loewenstein

▫ A feeling is a perceptual reaction, often ecologically invoked. A feeling cognitively evolves into a more sustained emotion by disregarding rational indifference.

▫ Whereas feelings are transitory, emotions are remembered in the context in which they arise. Similar situations are likely to evoke selfsame emotions. By this habits and emotional complexes form.

Thought is driven by emotion. ~ Edward O. Wilson

▫ Emotions yoke awareness to the mind-body. Attachment to emotions is bondage to spiritual ignorance, and a steppingstone to mental illness.

Cognition is never isolated from emotion. Emotion slants every thought we have and does so largely outside of consciousness. ~ American psychologist Lisa Cohen