The Echoes of the Mind (24) The Mind

The Mind

The mind is everything. ~ Buddha

The mind is the intangible instrument of intelligence: an often-enigmatic gyre, furnishing the basis for behavior through its filtered worldview. The mind is the energetic engine of individual life: the interpreter of sensation, the fabricator of actuality, the constructor of concepts, beliefs, hopes, and fears, and the tool of all crafts.

Actually, there are no minds. The term mind is a label of misdirection – a fallacy of object orientation for the process of mentation. Consider the mind as a processor without substance, albeit inextricably and inexplicably linked to a body’s physiology.

Mind and consciousness are not things but processes. ~ Austrian American system theorist Fritjof Capra & Italian chemist Pier Luigi Luisi

Daydreams and dreaming illustrate that the mind fabricates of its own volition. Even in the waking state, what phenomenally appears is a phantasmagoric multimedia display sewn from disparate ongoing sensations into a consistent fabric.

We consider as “real” anything that is perceptible to the senses, and yet every imaginable thing that is sensorially perceptible must pass through an interpretation by the mind before it is cognized. If whatever is sensorially perceptible is only an appearance, where then is the reality of the physical form which seems so very real and tangible? ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj