The Echoes of the Mind (30) The Mind Synopsis


The human mind is programmed for survival, not for truth. ~ English philosopher John Gray

▫ The mind is the intangible organ that takes in the world, providing an equal facility for knowledge and delusion.

The mind is simply the collection of impressions that have been recorded since birth. It is occupied by thoughts which are based upon its predominant concept. ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

▫ All that the mind conjures is a fabrication of its own violation: a mixture of perception and imagination, filtered by biases and beliefs.

Often, we don’t know why we do what we do. ~ David Myers

▫ There are 2 functional aspects of the mind: willmind and nattermind. Whereas willmind is volitional cognition, nattermind is an independent agent.

Nattermind is the mind’s gremlin: a restless presence, willingly imposing itself with speculations. Worry is nattermind’s favorite pastime. Those who are captive creatures of their mind suffer nattermind’s predations.

Consciousness reigns but doesn’t govern. ~ French poet and philosopher Paul ValĂ©ry

▫ Consciousness is the platform for awareness. Awareness is the perceptual quality of being in the present moment.

▫ The mental room in which awareness resides is termed the conscious mind. But the mind does most of its work in the vast cavern to which one is nominally unaware: the subconscious.

▫ The mind-body is an integrated gyre; for better or worse, one influences the other.