Reality – The Echoes of the Mind (6)


The proof is beyond the scope of this book, but an understanding about the nature of existence is critical to comprehending the mind, and thereby psychology. (Spokes 5 extends only to the echoes of the mind. Fuller explanation of reality and the root of Nature is found in Spokes 8: The Hub of Being; an introduction to which was had in Clarity: The Path Inside and Unraveling Reality: Behind the Veil of Existence.)

Nature – the exhibition of existence – is an entertainment platform. Actuality emerges from a weaving of energetic immateriality.

“A mirage is the real thing. It’s just not what it looks like.” ~ American spiritualist William Horden

The physicality of the world is illusory. As quantum physics instructs, the quantization of matter is an outgrowth of localized energy fields coherently composed.

“Abstraction is real.” ~ German-born American educator and artist Josef Albers

At root, energy is nothing more than an abstraction: an overarching concept physicists use to describe invisible forces which affect observable matter (which itself is made of energy). Underlying the proximate physicality of seemingly objective phenomena is a platform for shared subjectivity. The coherent force behind Nature emergently (instantly and continuously) creates what we call existence.

“This vast panoramic world is the reflection of the Cönsciousness.” ~ Indian guru Nisargadatta Maharaj

Just as physical bodies are localized energy fields which comprise an entangled fabric, a unified field of Cönsciousnesspopulates life with consciousness in granular form: whence the appearance of sentient organisms. Consciousness also inhabits cells and organic molecules such as proteins. Any entity which requires awareness of its environment to make decisions possesses consciousness.

(Consciousness is similarly actualized as a diversity from a unicity as occurs with all forms of matter-energy as expressly explored in physics. The same mechanism of natural localization and quantization that physics posits for the appearance of matter is how the unified field of Cönsciousness populates individual consciousnesses in mind-bodies. Existence is an infinite diversity which is paradoxically gyrally entangled. As science has amply demonstrated, our everyday comprehension of Nature is a laughable simplification. So much goes on behind our awareness and beyond what empirical science can show us or explain – hence the need to set the record straight with Spokes.)

Consciousness is the platform for an individual’s awareness. Awareness is the faculty for experiencing actuality.

Though the conduit may be not be sensed, seemingly individualized consciousness is always connected to the unitary source: every consciousness entangled within the universal field of Cönsciousness. Awareness is expressed through the mind, which fabricates the dualities of mind-body and self-other which we experience as the world.

“No psychologist can claim that science has been able to describe how a human mind can construct conscious experience.” ~ American psychologist Matt Tompkins

Just as our lives at their epitome are pure entertainment, Nature is the platform for entertaining Cönsciousness: whence the majestic mirage we experience.

Matter-energy is an entangled unity. But the mind conveys to us an illusion of physicality, mischievously masking the energy which propels Nature.

(Electrochemical brain activity (in creatures with brains) only roughly corresponds with mentation. Mind-body synchrony is one of many masterful strokes that makes the material world so convincing. Just as matter as made of energy, it is the mind that acts as convincer of an objective materiality that is always only a subjective experience: all you every know is from and in your mind.)

“Matter and mind are not separate. They are aspects of one energy. Look at the mind as a function of matter and you have science. Look at matter as the product of the mind and you have religion.” ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj