The Echoes of the Mind (78-1) Normal


What people consider normal is a curious blend of statistical and moral notions.

People’s conception of the normal deviates from the average in the direction of what they think ought to be so. ~ American psychologist Adam Bear & American ethicist Joshua Knobe

Rationally, there should be a clear distinction between how things are and how things ought to be. But the two are typically blended together.

Normal is commonly construed as a bit better than actuality. This bias settles the mind into a comfort zone that acquiesces to the status quo while not abandoning betterment.

It is easy to see that normalization is a slippery slope. Becoming accustomed to creeping evil may soothe the soul while selling it in increments.

People’s attitudes toward atypical behavior are frequently colored by this blended conception of normality. ~ Adam Bear & Joshua Knobe