The Echoes of the Mind (8) Introduction Synopsis


Human beings are works in progress that mistakenly think they’re finished. ~ American social psychologist Daniel Gilbert

Living is an ecological gyre. Desires propel; many are biological, others social and cultural – only a relative few are entirely of personal whim.

A multitude of sensory data form a sensation comprising a set of representational symbols. Sensations are processed in the mind into a perception: a meaningful comprehension from a construed creation, not an accurate account. Illusions illustrate how tenuous perception is. Cultural inculcation colors perception, and so influences all cognitive processes.

The mind is a symbolic processor oriented toward pattern-matching. Every experience is an abstraction. The materiality we experience is a fabrication of our minds. That we share the same specter owes to our being in Nature, which is a multimedia presentation put on by the force of coherence for the entertainment of Ĉonsciousness.

Nature is the exhibition of existence: actuality. Actuality is not reality: that which appears to us is not the essentiality of what is. Our perceptions of Nature – what we call the universe – are pinhole observations of an immeasurable canvas. As matter is made of energy, that canvas is composed of a coherent cosmos of concepts which is misinterpreted as unfailingly substantial at the insistence of the mind.

That the world seems durable does not portend its authenticity as reality. Dreams are engagingly ‘real’ as we experience them. Duration does not define reality.

The mind has a dual agency: to provide perceptions which represent the world so that we may act upon the stage of Nature, and conversely to deceive us into believing that actuality is reality so that we may struggle and suffer in perspective-ignorance (pignorance), thereby enhancing the entertainment platform with our follies.

Full attention to the present moment is willmind. In contrast, the incessant chatter of the mind is nattermind.

You may strengthen the connection between your consciousness and universal Ĉonsciousness by the habitual practice of meditation to quiet nattermind, thereby elevating your state of consciousness: gaining clarity and enjoying life for what it really is. Comprehending the architecture of existence helps establish proper perspective, thereby relieving pignorance.

True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us. ~ ancient Greek philosopher Socrates