The Echoes of the Mind (88) Subconscious Input

Subconscious Input

Decisions are not just the fruitions of conscious desires. The subconscious has its say.

You do things, and only later do you see why you did them, if you ever do. ~ English writer Julian Barnes


People prefer symbols that they have been seen before, even when they do not recall seeing them. Similarly, sounds heard before are preferred to novel ones, even though there may be no overt recognition of previous exposure.

Preference precedes inference. Repeated exposure engenders a comfortable familiarity that engenders preference.

Baby names are fads that run on subconscious affect. Certain names become popular by people hearing the name, and it later coming back to them when the occasion arises to name their newborn.

If people do not recognize that they thought of the name because it has become popular, they are likely to find it pleasing and original. ~ Timothy Wilson

The familiar subconsciously resonates as safe. This is why animals prefer their natal breeding grounds, even when they are degraded compared to readily available alternatives. It is also why humans choose mating partners with character traits from childhood exposure. The familiar may not necessarily be safe, but its familiarity makes it feel predictable, which gives an impression of security.