The Fruits of Civilization (11-2-3) World Wide Web continued


The web is more a social creation than a technical one. What we believe, endorse, agree with, and depend on is representable and, increasingly, represented on the Web. We all have to ensure that the society we build with the Web is the sort we intend. ~ Tim Berners-Lee

Despite technical shortcomings, the World Wide Web became the information conduit for the global community. Its development exemplifies how failure to think issues through, incompetent design, and human inability to intelligently cooperate can create a worldwide information mess: a cerebral analogue of the physical dystopia which humans created with a greed-based economic system.

The thing about Web companies is there’s always something severely fucked-up. You work with these clugey internal tools and patch together work-arounds to compensate for the half-assed, rushed development, and after a while the fucked-upness of the whole enterprise becomes the status quo. The whole Web was built by virtue of developers fixing one mistake after another, constantly forced to compensate for the bugginess of their code. ~ American writer/ranter Ryan Boudinot