The Fruits of Civilization (11-4) Technical Support

Technical Support

Technical support for computer equipment and software is notorious for being infuriating. This is by design.

Computer service managers are fully aware that customer dissatisfaction is high. 74% admit that their company procedures prevent satisfactory experiences.

Don’t think companies haven’t studied how far they can take things in providing the minimal level of service. Some organizations have even monetized it by intentionally engineering it so you have to wait an hour at least to speak to someone in support, and while you are on hold, you’re hearing messages like, “If you’d like premium support, call this number and for a fee, we will get to you immediately.” ~ American software support specialist Justin Robbins

Cable and mobile service providers, which are regional monopolies or have little competition, tend to be the most egregious offenders.

Conversely, the large companies rated as having the best support charge more to begin with, so the cost of service is baked in; such is the case with Amazon Prime subscription service. Companies in competitive markets, and hungry upstarts trying to break into a segment with dominant companies, may distinguish themselves with decent service.