The Fruits of Civilization (24-4-9) Renewable Energy

 Renewable Energy

American geologist King Hubbert presciently predicted at the 1956 meeting of the American Petroleum Institute that US oil production would peak by 1970. Coupled with the oil shocks that the Western world received from the Arabs in the 1970s, the idea of alternative energy sources became attractive.

Nuclear was the fuel of the future at first, but environmentalists envisioned energy from “renewable” sources, such as the Sun, wind, and water. The 1979 Three Mile Island accident soured a generation of Americans on nuclear power.

The appeal of renewable energy is its supposed endlessness: taking what Nature inexhaustibly provides. The reality is quite different. The resources required, and pollution put out, in producing presumed ‘clean’ energy belies the attribution. All human energy production is environmentally destructive.

So-called “sustainable development” is meaningless drivel. ~ James Lovelock