The Fruits of Civilization (65-3-1) The Chemistry of China

 The Chemistry of China

This is about corrupt officials and money. ~ Chinese worker Zhong Zhichun on industrialization in China

Local officials in rural districts welcome industrial companies for the revenue they bring. Besides lining the pockets of functionaries, industry provides a steady emanation of pollution. Chemical plants prodigiously do so with aplomb.

Chemical companies in China congregate in industrial parks as time bombs. No industrial accident is as environmentally severe as an explosion at a chemical factory. China excels in exploding chemical plants.

Nonchalance about safety means that over 100 Chinese die daily from chemical production. This is a conservative estimate. The government does not bother to tally the death toll, preferring to ignore the slaughter as best it can.

Every time an explosion at a chemical plant happens, the government goes through the same routine. They carry out an investigation. They say lessons will be learned, the guilty will be punished, measures will be taken. But nothing changes. ~ English journalist Geoffrey Crothall