The Fruits of Civilization (71-16) Freshwater continued 2


Of course, humans are not the only ones affected by the widespread fouling of freshwater. All life suffers.

 Last Stop

They land at night and need to rest for several days. ~ American biologist Stella Capoccia on migrating geese

Huge flocks of snow geese migrate over the Rocky Mountains every year. Death traps await.

Mining the mountains for minerals, companies create toxic lakes as acidic as vinegar, brimming with mineral wastes. One such lake lies outside Butte Montana. It has been there for decades, awaiting prey.

Geese land on the lake in the evening for a stopover. In the morning, the lake is funereal white.

It can’t be a comfortable death. ~ Stella Capoccia

There were tens of thousands in one night. In the morning, the entire 700 acres of the lake was white with geese. ~ Mark Thompson, manager of environmental affairs for the mining company that owns the lake