The Fruits of Civilization (71) Water


The least movement is of importance to all Nature. The entire ocean is affected by a pebble. ~ Blaise Pascal

Though clean water is key to health, people have always fouled waterways and treated the oceans as an infinite toilet. Wastes of all sorts, including toxic chemicals, are dumped or make their way to the ocean. The result has been to pollute all marine life, and so turn a wholesome food source into a hazard.

Most of the world’s urban waterways receive a cocktail of pollutants from agricultural runoff to human sewage containing medicines like antidepressants. Such cocktails may stop short of killing marine species, but these contaminants damage the health of aquatic ecosystems. ~ American marine biologist Alex Ford

Sea bathing is no longer safe for people to enjoy.

Spending time in the sea increases the probability of developing illnesses, such as ear ailments and problems with the digestive system. The pollution affects swimmers. ~ English environmental epidemiologist Anne Leonard

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Nearly 3 billion people rely on fish for their major source of protein. A significant proportion of the world’s population is exposed to persistent, bioaccumulative, and toxic pollutants through seafood. ~ American marine biologist Lindsay Bonito