The Fruits of Civilization (78-5) Deadly Adjuvants

Deadly Adjuvants

Billions of pounds of formulation and tank adjuvants, including organosilicone adjuvants, are released into US environments each year, making them an important component of the chemical landscape to which bees are exposed. ~ American entomologist Julia Fine

Adjuvants are substances added to pesticides and herbicides to improve their performance. Owing to potency, one of the most widely used is organosilicone, which is applied to wine grapes and tree fruits, including almond trees. These chemicals are commonly used during crop blooming periods, when pollinators are most present.

There are no regulations on use of adjuvants, as the US EPA classifies them as biologically inert. But that is not true. Honeybees exposed to organosilicone adjuvants are much more susceptible to viral infection, and more likely to quickly succumb.

The adjuvant is enhancing the damaging effects of the virus. It causes synergistic mortality. ~ Julia Fine