The Fruits of Civilization (81-2) Dicamba


We’re on a road to nowhere. People are using ever-more complicated combinations of poisons on crops, with ever-more complex consequences. ~ American environmental biologist Nathan Donley

Weeds getting the upper hand on Roundup had Monsanto roll out a more deadly, broad-spectrum herbicide: dicamba. Dicamba is highly volatile: vaporizing from treated fields and spreading to neighboring crops, where it indiscriminately kills.

(Dicamba has been known for decades. Because of its volatility, dicamba was historically used to kill weeds prior to planting crops months later.)

Monsanto did very little volatility field work. ~ American agronomist Jason Norsworthy

Monsanto sells soybeans which are dicamba-resistant, having been genetically modified to survive the chemical onslaught. Regular soybeans readily succumb to dicamba. In 2016, ~5% of the American soybean crop (1.3 million hectares) was destroyed or damaged by dicamba.

Dicamba is not manageable. ~ American agronomist Bob Hartzler