The Fruits of Civilization (84-3-1) Veal


Veal is the flesh of a slaughtered calf. Prized for its tenderness, veal is expensive compared to other meats.

A healthy calf has well developed, oxygenated muscles. Its veal would have an undesirable elasticity. So, calves destined to become veal are depravedly deprived of proper nutrition and development before being slaughtered at a tender age.

Male offspring of dairy cows, never able to yield milk, are caged tightly in crates, unable to move. Most of the time they are chained to prevent them from standing up. Thus their muscles cannot be exercised.

Rather than being fed mother’s milk, newborn males are given synthetic food that leaves them anemic, and so with tender flesh. A short life filled with incessant suffering produces the tastiest veal.