The Pathos of Politics – The Descent of Polity Synopsis

Descent of Polity Synopsis

“Man is by nature a political animal.” ~ Aristotle

▫ Territoriality begat politics based upon authority as a means for domination and control. Human territoriality extends to people as possessions.

▫ Political states emerged when tribal organization proved inadequate, typically based upon territorial claims which encompassed multiple tribes. Nevertheless, politics remains tribal in its dynamics.

▫ Moral weakness necessitates that leaders be accountable. Political systems which do not have accountability built in are subject to violent overthrow.

▫ Religion has been a critical factor in promoting group solidarity and embellishing authority as legitimate. As such, religion has been entwined with politics throughout history.

From Greek rationalism descended the supposed science of politics. From Jewish monotheism emerged ethics. Christianity mixed in a heaping of hypocrisy under the guise of love and compassion.

▫ Political systems exist to enforce private property rights, which have been the vehicle for the enforcement of social inequities and the sanctioned destruction of Nature.