The Pathos of Politics – Governance Synopsis

Governance Synopsis

“The existing social order is a swindle and its cherished beliefs mostly delusions.” ~ George Orwell in 1943

▫ Modern states have the ability to secure the social welfare of its peoples. None has seen fit to do so. Instead, power continues to be plied in the manner of men since antiquity: to further enrich those with wealth. Taxes oppress the lower classes. Money jabbers while poverty suffers in silence.

▫ Another trend unabated since ancient times is for states to practice unseemly fiscal levitation: to take more from the populace than they can afford. Sovereign debt infects every state. The root cause is the succoring of private enterprise, which is the taking by the few of the resources that naturally belong to all.

▫ Capitalism cannot deliver societal well-being. Under an economic regime propelled by greed, governments must intervene if their intent is to afford the possibility of a decent life for their citizenry. The failure of governments worldwide to do so for all of its peoples is instructive of systemic injustice.

“Look around the world and consider the health of liberal democratic politics.” ~ Theresa May in 2019

▫ Public health and welfare, having peaked briefly in the mid-20th century, are ebbing. This trend is especially ironic in that the countries which are declining at speed are democracies, where people are ostensibly able to choose their collective fate.

“Governing today means giving acceptable signs of credibility. It is like advertising and the same effect is achieved: commitment to a scenario.” ~ Jean Baudrillard

▫ The most magnificent monument to human imbecility is the modern state.