The Pathos of Politics (82) Political Violence

Political Violence

Violence is used by people at practically every point on the political spectrum. ~ Leon Baradat

Though political violence is common across the political spectrum, ideologies vary in their appetite for violence as a vehicle for political change. The farther from the status quo an ideology is, the more likely it opposes the law, which hypothetically communicates a society’s aspirations.

Conservatives and moderates tend to be law-abiding. In contrast, radicals and reactionaries readily justify breaking the law.

This is not to say that laws are not regularly broken by those of a conservative bent. Corporations – legally treated as citizens in the United States, and as conservative as the day is long – are inveterate transgressors of the law. If a corporation does not succeed in legally gaming the system, it readily breaks laws which do not suit it, especially in the all too common case where the chance of getting caught is low, and the penalties for malfeasance are less than the potential rewards.

As government enforcement of its own regulations is typically spotty at best, corporations are often unfettered in their disdain of the law. Practically all large-scale illicit exploitations, including pollution, are corporate acts.