The Pathos of Politics (87-3) Fox News


 Fox News

Roger Ailes, chairman of Fox News, had a fondness for fondling women. Enduring predation of female employees at Fox eventually forced his resignation in 2016.

The scandal at Fox News was no news to the network, which barely made any mention to its viewers that anything untoward occurred. (A partial reason is that blatant sexism is embedded in the corporate culture of Fox News, so was no news to them at all.) This sort of omission is not at all unusual. News organizations typically give scant coverage of their own peccadillos.

Such smoothing over occurs in reportage of whoever the “home team” is perceived to be. Corruption, whether corporate or political, is more enthusiastically covered by the foreign press than it is domestically.

Fox is owned by right-wing Australian-born American media mogul Rupert Murdoch, with extensive media holdings in Australia, the UK, and US. To gather gossip, Murdoch-owned media in the 2000s illicitly hacked the phones of royalty, celebrities, and people with a high public profile.

In Britain, revelations about the long-running phone-hacking scandal at Murdoch’s now-defunct British newspaper, the News of the World, came from the rival Guardian newspaper.