The Hub of Being (13) The Ground State

The Ground State

Quantum mechanics teaches us that the vacuum is not empty at all, but, on small scales, contains virtual particles, their antiparticles, and the quanta of their interactions. ~ Italian particle physicist Alessandro Bettini

Physics teaches that existence emerges from a ground state. Classical physics portrayed the ground state as a void, lacking any energy. According to quantum theory, the ground state is the lowest energy state, commonly called the vacuum state, or simply vacuum.

But vacuum as void is not so. Supposedly full of nothing, the ground state instead is nothing but fullness: seething with infinite energy.

An endless foam of virtual particles incessantly streams from ed. Without the virtuosity of these virtual particles, existence simply would not exist. 3d-resident bosons and fermions are all defined through their interactions with virtual particles.

Nothing comes from nothing except everything. What the wildly energetic vacuum means is that the actuality we think we know is a chimerical slice of a larger reality.

The original state is unconditioned, without attributes, without form, without identity. Indeed, that state is nothing but fullness (not empty ‘void’, but plenum), so that it is impossible to give it any adequate name. ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

In the foregoing quote, Maharaj sounds as if he was referring to the ground state, but he was talking about nonexistence (noumenon). The implications are tantalizing, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.