The Hub of Being (15-1) The Mind-Body Problem

The Mind-Body Problem

There are many difficulties in giving a satisfactory account of the mind-body relationship. ~ Australian philosopher David Armstrong

The mind-body problem arises in trying to explain the interface between the mind and the brain (that is, the physiological intelligence system). This dilemma exists only with dualism, which considers the mind and the body distinct but somehow integrated.

Even though everybody agrees that mind has something to do with the brain, there is still no general agreement on the exact nature of this relationship. ~ Finnish psychologists Antti Revonsuo & Matti Kamppinen

For all the historical effort expended to understand the mind-body relation, no one has ever been able to offer a satisfactory explanation. The mind-body interface is either inscrutable or illusory.

No one has a plausible answer to the mind-body problem. ~ American philosopher Thomas Nagel

Mind-body ecology, essential to dualism, remains unfathomed. That bodes ill indeed for dualism as the basis of reality.

Duality never existed; it is illusory. ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj