The Hub of Being (16-1-13) Out-of-Body Experiences

 Out-of-Body Experiences

An out-of-body experience (obe) is conscious awareness detached from the physical body. Though still energetically tethered to the body, the mind sensates remotely.

obes have been reported throughout history. obes were known to the ancient Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks, American Indians, Hindus, Hebrews, Muslims, and Oceanic peoples. 90% of the cultures in the world have a tradition regarding obes.

15–20% of people experience an obe sometime during their lives. obes tend to be spontaneous, typically occurring during sleep, meditation, anesthesia, illness, or traumatic pain. Many recall the experience as blissful.

The validity of out-of-body experiences has been repeatedly confirmed by out-of-body travelers relating physical details of environments they could not have otherwise known.

There is no duality of body and mind when this happens. I do not see myself above my body. Rather, my whole body has moved up. ~ anonymous 24-year-old female Canadian psychology student capable of at-will obe, who had her out-of-body experiences physiologically monitored via MRI. She thought out-of-body was a normal experience for everyone.