The Hub of Being (16-1-39) Matterism Disproved


Over 90% of the matter in a human body is replaced every month. Yet people remain themselves. It is not the physical material that matters, only the integrity of the energetic pattern.

Physicality renders a rough ruse approximating functionality, to provide the illusion that matter alone is enough; but sensory systems and mentation show that matter does not suffice.

From sensation to perception to cognition, making sense of the moment, and of the world, is the province of the mind. A mind may correspond with physiological organs to process sensory stimuli and regulate behaviors, but not necessarily. Whereas animals have identifiable brains of considerable variety, plants, fungi, and microbes do not. Yet all – brain or no – perceive well their respective worlds and act intelligently within their sphere of existence.

Finally, it is impossible to deny what physicists have shown about the nature of matter: that fermions comprise nothing more than localized coherent HD energy fields, pitched about by immaterial forces (bosons), which obey their own laws of interaction.

Matter is only energy at play, and so is not fundamental. If there is a monism, it simply cannot be matterism.

The ontology of matterism rested upon the illusion that the kind of existence, the direct ‘actuality’ of the world around us, can be extrapolated into the atomic range. This extrapolation, however, is impossible. Atoms are not things. ~ German theoretical physicist Werner Heisenberg

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All truth passes through three stages. 1st, it is ridiculed. 2nd, it is violently opposed. 3rd, it is accepted as being self-evident. ~ German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer

All theories which rely upon the tenets of matterism are discredited. As with the disjointedness between classical and modern physics, observations must be considered as proximate only: applicable at the ambient scale, without possibility of projection to explain the underpinnings of Nature. This is a bitter pill for matterists to swallow, and so the denial will continue.

In proper perspective, the demise of matterism makes science even more demanding. With Nature as a correlated energy-matter spectacle, the intellectual challenge is to understand the interrelations of matter and energy and discern the boundaries where matterism falters: an inquiry into interfaces.

Is man related to something infinite – that is the central question. ~ Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung