The Hub of Being (18) Diversity


A universe of singularity would be nothing. Existence requires diversity. To compose Nature, coherent energy patterns localize and appear as quanta, through which complex forms emerge.

Diversity defines every aspect and scale of existence. Nature loves variety. Physics has its plethora of subatomic particles, emergent from distinctive energies. Chemistry is of elements and compounds of astounding assortment and complexity. Biology has lineages (clades) and hierarchies (taxonomy) that include species, populations, and individuals – where, despite any classification imposed, every organism and each cell is unique.

Sex evolved to increase diversity and does so most flagrantly. In an intricate display of entanglement, evolutionary biology shows continuity in lineages and diversity incubated by deviance.

Biodiversity is infinite. ~ American taxonomist Terry Erwin

Some 30 million different plants and animals live on Earth now (though that variety is precipitously declining owing to human environmental desecration). Over the history of the planet, that species diversity soars toward the billion mark; which is how many microbial varieties there are now.

In affording expansive expression, space is the medium of diversity.